What to do when your hair starts to fall out


Over the past six months I’ve noticed my hair thinning. Slowly but surely, my part has been getting bigger and bigger and my pony tail has been getting thinner and thinner. It probably goes without saying I’m stressing about it. Unfortunately, stress is the reason my hair started falling out in the first place so it’s a an unproductive and messy cycle.

After shedding a few tears, I visited a Natropath who prescribed me a number of natural herbal medicines to help fortify my hair follicles. I’m also upping my oatmeal intake which is a good source of silicon, and I’ve been trying to increase my iron.

The problem with thinning hair is that even if you do everything right, it still take 6 to 12 months for your hair to grow back. Urg, talk about frustrating!!! In light of this, I decided to visit the hairdresser and have her cut my hair in a way that would cover up my thinning part. Enter my new bangs. Big big bangs. They’re the perfect way to make a thinning part barely noticeable.

For anyone else who might be experiencing (and stressing about) thinning hair here’s some tidbits of wisdom I’ve learned:

Possible (and I emphasize possible) signs of hair loss:

  • your part is noticeably larger
  • you often find hair on your clothing throughout the day
  • your brush is full of hair after brushing

Consider taking biotin supplements (a B vitamin).

Eat a diet rich in iron.

Be gentle when brushing your hair after you shower. Wet hair breaks more easily. 

Massage your scalp! I know it sounds funny but I’ve been taught that it helps stimulate hair growth.

Don’t wash your hair everyday. That’s a given, right? Even if your hair isn’t falling out it needs the natural oils. 

Be patient and de-stress your life! Try doing regular yoga/meditation/nature walks etc. Oh and be sure to get plenty of sleep. 

Have you ever struggled with thinning hair? What works/worked for you? 

To all my friends with long thick hair, please share your secrets! 


**Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this post is not intended to provide you with medical advice. It’s a good ideas to consult with a professional before taking any new supplements or vitamins **

Update: Thank you for your comments. I probably should have mentioned that prior to this writing this post, I had visited a doctor and my thinning is hair is not a symptom of any health concerns. I have a clean bill of health. If you are experiencing hair loss it’s a good idea to visit a doctor.


Holiday Love, Part III

Holiday Love
Today is the final installment of Holiday Love. I’ve asked the lovely Lucinda from Current Tempo to write a post about how she spends quality time with her family over the holidays.
I really enjoy Lucinda’s blog because she focuses on the simple things in life. And really, life is all about the little things, right!? This time of year we can get so wrapped up in the big picture. We stress about cooking the perfect turkey, buying the ideal present and making life changing new year’s resolutions. People like Lucinda remind me to take a step back and pay attention to the small moments in my everyday life. Things like enjoying a belly laugh or making my partner smile.
I could ramble on forever. But enough from me, time to turn it over to Lucinda:
This year will be august’s second christmas and even though it seems like a stretch that someone could create such lasting associations at such a young age, i’m certain that on some level, he’ll be taking it all in. so this is it, this is when it begins. this is when he will start accumulating the tiny memories that will one day come together to form his meaning of the holidays. when i think about this time of year, it’s not the bedazzled evergreens or bow-topped presents that first come to mind, though when i was a kid, they were. i didn’t know how to articulate it then, so i tied those traditional symbols to the holidays, when it was actually a bunch of little details that came together to make the holidays special.
Growing up, we spent almost every christmas eve with my dad’s parents who we called baba and pop-pop. they lived on a farm about an hour from our home, which was a long drive on winding country roads, but a trip we didn’t mind during the holiday season when the route was adorned with brightly lit houses and twinkling trees. we usually passed the time counting every decorated house we spotted along the way and whenever we [inevitably] lost track of that number, we’d start singing carols. before we knew it, the hour-long drive had drifted away in a flurry of twinkle lights and songs.
Our arrival at baba and pop-pop’s was greeted with bear hugs from uncles and the sweet smell of creamed peas cooking on the stove. the house looked the same every year: the same plastic tree, strung with the same colorful light bulbs, and decorated with the same crochet ornaments. there was SO much comfort in that familiarity. dinner was also always the same with honey baked ham, mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and the aforementioned peas, served over sliced potato bread for sopping up the dressing. after dinner, we’d all make our way to the living room, gathering around the tree to exchange gifts. at some point santa claus would make an appearance, which was something we both anticipated and slightly apprehended – we welcome his gifts, but were very suspicious of him – he was definitely hiding something. of what, we couldn’t be sure, but there were too many unsolved questions like, where cousin so-and-so had disappeared to or why uncle so-and-so was taking so long in the kitchen.
The merriment wore on late into the night until we finally shuffled into the back of the sation wagon, where my dad had put the back seat down and we would eventually fall asleep. the last thing i remember before my eyes would shut was the lights of other cars fading across the ceiling, while the wheels rumbled against my back, and the muted sound of my parent’s voices drifted over the seats. once we arrived home, my dad would make several trips back and forth to the car, carrying each of us to our bed. it was the most comforting feeling in the world. i think that was my favorite part about christmas eve: the ride home.
This year we’re planning on spending christmas eve with my mother. her house is only about 30 minutes away from ours, but i’ve been thinking about how that ride is going to be for august: how we’ll all be tuned up on our way over – oohing and ahhing at all the twinkly lights and singing along with the radio – and how quiet it’ll be on the way back, the murmmer of andy and my voices lulling him into a deep and satisfying sleep. that’s the beautiful thing about family, i’ve learned: life cycling back through generation to generation, building off old memories and forming new traditions.

Thank you Lucinda! You’ve reminded me of when I was a kid and we used to sing Christmas carols as we drove around the neighbourhood checking out the christmas lights. I still cherish those memories.

Check out Lucinda’s blogfacebook and instagram.



Ultra marathons- What’s the appeal?

Last week I was listening to a podcast by Rich Roll in which he interviewed David Clark, aka the Everyman. Clark was once 320 pounds, an alcoholic, addict and injured banker who turned his life around and became an accomplished ultra-marathoner. If you read my blog regularly, it’s no great surprise that I absolutely love these types of stories and by the end of the 2 hour podcast I was in tears (I’m such a baby).

I’ve said it a million times before but I’ll say it again, there is something so genuinely inspiring about everyday people who accomplish amazing physical challenges. They aren’t professionals, they don’t have coaches or sponsors, and more often than not they aren’t naturally gifted athletes. They’re just people who put in a lot of time, sweat and tears to accomplish their goals.

Recently, my friends and I decided to enter the Canadian Death Race, which is a 125 km trail race over two mountain passes split into five sections. Needless to say, this race is a doozy and I’m ridiculously excited. The best part? I get to train with my friends! Having someone waiting for me at the track at 6 am or ready to keep me company for a three hour run will make a world of difference.

The timing for this challenge is perfect because I’ve been in a bit of a rut. Aside from doing homework and the occasional jaunt to the gym, I’ve had little motivation to look after myself physically. I’m such a goal oriented person that having this race, even if it’s 9 months away, is exactly what I need to get back on track.

Over the next month or so I look forward to planning out my training schedule (ya schedules!). My section of the race is 38 km long, which is daunting because I’ve never run further than 23 km in my life. To be fair, I’ve done a few longer races but they involved swimming and biking so this will be a whole new ballgame.

So today’s post isn’t really all that informative aside from me asking you for any tips and advice as well as your own stories about races. Tell me what inspires you to sign up for a marathon or an ultra-marathon! Please do share :)

What do you find appealing about long-distance races? 


Stamp Necklaces – the perfect gift idea


I’m finally done my Christmas gifts!

If by chance you caught my post from a couple months ago, you might already know that I decided to make the ladies in my life individual hand-stamped necklaces as gifts. It only took me six weeks to finish them! Jesh. In my defense, it’s really difficult to make jewelry in a town with no supply shop. Instead I had to order everything online or get it when I was traveling out of town.

I got the idea for this necklace from A Beautiful Mess (click on link for tutorial). I must admit, this DIY was a bit more challenging than I anticipated. It was surprisingly difficult to stamp in a straight line and it took some practice. I would also caution you against making bar style necklaces on your first go. They’re much harder to work with compared to the circle pendants.

necklace 1necklace

Buying all the supplies was a bit of an investment. First I had to buy the stamps themselves, then the rubber hammer, the steel block and all the necklace supplies. Like most projects, the more necklaces I made the less expensive they ended up being.

All that being said, I’m so excited to continue using my new jewelry stamping kit. Hello new hobby :)


I bought most of the necklace supplies from Luxem and Jewelery Garden. The supplies I ordered from The Supply Guy.

What’s your new favourite hobby? 



Holiday Love Part II

Holiday Love

As promised, here is part two of the Holiday Love series. Today, I’m keeping quiet and giving the reins over to some of my favourite bloggers. I’m asking all three ladies, “how do you spend quality time with your family over the holidays?”. Check out their answers below.

Jaelan from Making Mrs. M.:

Holidays in my family are always a blast. It gives my heart such joy to spend time with the people who mean the most to me. The “day-of” festivities (like opening gifts on Christmas morning) are fun, but my favorite time spent with family is during the moments building up to “the big event’. Those days I get to go “home” prior to the holidays are when Christmas really begins for me. We wrap gifts, watch old Christmas movies, eat way too many chocolates, and make memories that last far beyond opening the wrapping paper on Christmas day. Those simple, often overlooked, moments are what makes Christmas so special for my family.

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Camilla from Things I’m Crazy For

We’ve never been very presents-oriented in my family. Holiday family dinners, however, are a serious affair. The louder, the longer, the more food, the more people, the better! I think that the best gift my family has ever given me aren’t ‘things’, but simply nice moments like those family dinners, or just sitting all together to watch a movie, eating popcorn and enjoying a lazy day.
Wanting to spend quality time with my family during the Holidays comes in many different forms depending on the family member. With my Mom it might mean simply running errands together and being able to catch up and talk. My little sister and I always dedicate one day as Sister’s Day and we treat ourselves to shopping, a movie, manicures, or just a gab session under the covers at night. Brothers equal ribbing on each other of course. The most loving statements are always accompanied by some sort of not-too-mean name (gotta love brothers). Finally my Padre and I bond over our love of sports which there’s plenty of this time of year. (Go Vols!)
Thanks ladies! What great reminders to stay focused on spending time with our loved ones over the holidays.
How do you spend quality time with your family over the holidays?