Three Movies That’ll Change the Way you Think


I’m a pretty picky when it comes to documentaries.

Sure, I love a good story but nine times out of ten, I find myself changing the channel because I’m bored out of my mind. That’s because watching a documentary is a bit like playing roulette. Most of the time you get a “miss” but every once in a while you hit it big!

All three of these documentaries are winners. They’re interesting, engaging and most importantly, they’ll change the way you think.

So next time you’re in the market to put your feet up on the couch and learn something, check out one of these films:

1. Waiting for Superman

This documentary explores the American school system and how it’s letting our kids down. Depressing? Slightly. Interesting? Very.

It takes a critical look at teachers unions and their role in perpetuating the current system. So whether you’re a die hard union enthusiast or critic, I recommend you watch this documentary.

2. Blackfish 

Full disclosure: I’m a strong advocate for animal rights and I believe animals feel emotions. I’m not equating them to humans emotions, but I think that some mammals feel love and experience grief.

Okay knowing that I strongly recommend you watch this film. It follows the life of one killer whale who was bounced around from one Seaworld facility to the next. He ended up killing a young woman during a performance. This documentary is important because is questions the idea of placing wild animals in captivity. Animals in cages are reactive and dangerous.

Interesting fact: I heard on CBC radio that scientifically we learn less from observing animals in captivity than from observing animals in the wild.

3. Searching for Sugarman

Okay this is the coolest and most lighthearted of the three. It tells the story of a singer who released three albums and for various reasons he never “made it big” in North America.

Meanwhile, his music makes its way to South Africa where he becomes the voice of a nation. He is the musical inspiration for students fighting against the apartheid.To give you some perspective, he was more famous than the Rolling Stones and the whole time he’s just this regular guy living in Detroit going about his business. I loved this movie. It reminded me that there are still selfless people in the world and that being famous and rich is not nearly as important as having love of your friends and family.

I can’t stress enough how wonderfully talented this guy is. Don’t believe me? Watch this clip and decide for yourself.


What are your favourite documentaries?



Embracing Winter

playing in the snow

Aside from Sara, there aren’t too many people I know who love winter. It’s cold, it’s damp and the days are short. Come November, I usually want to curl up on the couch, turn the fireplace on and never leave. I’m not always good at getting outside and playing in the snow.

And by “not always good” I mean I suck at it.

playing outside 2

In northern Canada, winter can last for six months and staying inside is not an option. Making time for the occasional outdoor romp is so important if you want to be healthy and happy and if you like to have fun!

playing outside 3

How do you survive the winter season? 


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DIY: Glitter Vases & Paypal Giveaway


What is it about getting a steal of a deal that makes me sooooo happy? It feels like I’m sticking it to the man and I always do the happy dance when I pay next to nothing for craft supplies. This probably helps explain my love for the dollar store. It’s the perfect place for people on a budget. Although why oh why do they still call it the dollar store when everything costs $1.25?

Last week I popped into the local dollar store to pick up a bandanna for my Halloween costume and found this amazing glitter washi tape. I had been wanting to decorate these clear vases for quite some time and when I saw the washi tape I knew it would be perfect.

What you’ll need: 

  • a clear vase
  • glitter washi tape

What to do:

Wash your vase to remove any dirt and grime. Slowly wrap the neck of the vase with your decorative tape. Cut the end and press it down to seal. Done!

Oh and if you don’t know what washi tape is fear not. I didn’t know what it was either. Wikipedia tells me it’s basically pretty masking tape. Thank you internet.

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Halloween Costume Idea: Rosie The Riveter

Costume Picture 1

I have mixed feelings about Halloween. I love costumes but I hate coming up with them. I love seeing all the sugar high kids but I hate seeing the over-sexed costumes. Oh and I love the candy! Yum yum yum.

Last year, I boycotted the whole “sexy costume” craze and dressed up as Duck Dynasty instead. I must admit, I felt slightly insecure dancing in my frumpy costume.

But then I got to thinking, it’s okay to want to look cute and sexy, so long as it’s classy sexy. You won’t see me in a nude bodysuit but you might see me with my hair done up and my make-up on.

This year, I chose a super simple costume that I absolutely love. It’s Rose the Riveter from the 1940s propaganda war poster. At the time, she was revolutionary and empowering to women. Now that’s sexy in my book (not to mention work appropriate).

costume shot 1costume 3

What you’ll need:

  • Red bandanna
  • curl your hair
  • chambray shirt
  • a butt kicking attitude :)

costume 2


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My Closet: Jean Vest Updated

jean vest 1

Lately I’ve been avoiding online shopping. Frankly, I’m just too good at it.

With that in mind, I was online shopping and I just so happened to come across this little jean vest a few weeks ago. The best part? It only cost me $14.00 (shipping and taxes included). I had secretly been coveting it since my one year old niece got one. Now we can be twinsies. Adorbable right?!

jean vest 3

Okay I know what you’re thinking “but Ursula, didn’t jean vests go out of style in the 1980s??” Well my friend, you have a point. They are rather 80s but when paired with modern attire, I think they can look updated and cute. I definitely would avoid pairing it with acid wash jeans and cut off t-shirts….just saying :)

Jean vest 2

I got mine from The Gap but they’ve since sold out. Levi’s sells a similar one.

Jean vest 4

What do you think, jean vests, are they a yah or a nah?