Something Turquoise

wedding pic for blog

Today our wedding is being featured on one of my favourite sites Something Turquoise. And when I say “one of my favourite” I’m being serious. A lot of the crafts I ended up making for our wedding came from this site including the felt flowers in the picture below.

So if you’d like to see our wedding pictures and read a bit about the process, or if you just want to check out a cool website head on over to Something Turquoise.

for wedding pic 2ursula_ian ccc

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When it’s worth spending money on products

products beauty

Given I’m on a student budget, I generally avoid expensive body/beauty products. Sure, I’d love to use organic shampoo and all-natural face wash but frankly, they’re just too expensive. That being said, there are two products that I won’t skimp on. They’re pricier than their non-natural alternatives but I think they’re so worth it.

First up: sunscreen. It never really occurred to me that sunscreen might actually be harmful. I had always been taught it was smart to layer it on in order to avoid a very painful burn. And you can only imagine my excitement when two years ago Ian and I bought tons of spray sunscreen for dirt cheap. Little did I know it was dirt cheap for a reason. It’s junk and it’s not healthy.

I’ve recently switched to natural sunscreen and eventually, I hope to try to make my own using carrot seed oil (natural SPF 30!). The natural stuff is a bit harder to rub in but personally, I think it’s worth it.

If you’re curious to find out how your sunscreen rates check out the EWG site and type in the brand name.

Second up: deodorant without antiperspirant. A couple of my friends have made the switch and I’ve since been convinced it’s worth spending $6.99 on natural deodorant. I know there is some controversy about the research but I’ve heard one too many medical professional advocate not using antiperspirant to not take note.

What beauty and body products do you never skimp on? 



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Make Your Own Delicate Bracelet

make your own delicate bracelet_edited-1

Today, I have some exciting news to share. We submitted out wedding to this amazing site called Something Turquoise and it was accepted!! It’ll be featured this coming Monday. So, if you have a burning desire to see our wedding photos you’re in luck! I’ll be posting the links next week.

In other news, I’ve had a lot of free times of my hands, which means I’ve been napping like a champ. And on occasion, I make jewelry (between naps…obviously). This bracelet is simply a shorter version of my Ella necklace and super easy to make.

make bracelets 1

What you’ll need:

  • 3 small jump rings (3 mm)
  • 1 medium size jump ring (4 mm)
  • 7-9 small mint coloured beads
  • chain long enough to fit around your wrist (approx. 6-9 inches)
  • jewelry pin
  • lobster claw
  • a jewelry tool (I use a 3-in-1 that includes knot pliers, a crimper and a cutter)

making a bracelet what you need

Start by placing the beads on the jewelry pin. Using the knot pliers, create a loop with the open end and crimp it closed.

Tip: if you’ve never used knot pliers try practicing the art of making loops with beading wire. It is much more forgiving. 

make a bracelet 2

When you’re done it should look something like this.

make a bracelet 3

Using two small jump rings, attach the chain onto each end of the beaded jewelry pin. Cut the chain to size and keep one end slightly longer than the other to allow space for the lobster claw (see picture below).

Tip: if you accidentally bend the jump ring, start again and use a new one. Don’t try to reshape it.  Just trust me on this one. 

make a bracelet 5

Using the third small jump ring attach the lobster claw. Use the larger fourth jump ring onto the other end.

make a bracelet 6

There you go! Now you’re successfully made a delicate beaded bracelet.

mint braceletbracelet 1

Happy Wednesday!! 



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Life, Lately

bedroom renovation how toLet me preface this by saying today’s post will not leave you with any gems of wisdom or exciting new craft ideas. Instead, it’s just a good old update post.

The boys were gone this week and I had free rein of the house. I spent the entire time watching Netflix and eating candy in my pjs….just kidding (I wish). My actual week was way less exciting. I painted our master bedroom, and, being the genius that I am, I painted it white and had to use three coats to cover up the dark grey/purple it had been previously.

Despite my hatred for painting, it was sooo worth it. We now have a super comfy cozy room that I absolutely love. The rest of our house is splattered with bright colours but I wanted the bedroom to be different. I wanted it to be the type of place you’d go to curl up with a good book and cuddle your really cute bulldog, which is exactly what I plan on doing this weekend.

bedroom light colours

I hope you have a very happy weekend :)



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The Trouble With Being Shy

being shy beach photo

I’m a somewhat shy person. I say ‘somewhat‘ because I’m pretty outspoken around people I know but I can be uncomfortably quiet around new people. I’ve definitely gotten better with age but I still struggle at times.

I like to tell myself that everyone feels some situational shyness… am I right?

Overtime, I’ve become good at avoiding situations that make me super uncomfortable, and more often than not that includes social gatherings with people I don’t know. But really, unless you put yourself out there how are you supposed to meet new and cool people? In a small town, meeting new people is so important and being shy can be a huge barrier.

Like most things in life, practice makes perfect and if I don’t throw myself out there than I’ll never learn to be comfortable in new situations.

With that in mind, I’ve decided that this summer is my summer of ‘yes’.  I’ve been saying ‘yes’ to almost anything and everything regardless of whether or not I think the situation might make me somewhat uncomfortable. In other words, I’m trying to embrace being uncomfortable and hopefully, in the process I’ll make new connections with new friends.

To my fellow shy readers, how do you put yourself out there and navigate uncomfortable situations? 




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