How to Download Fonts in a Few Easy Steps

How to download Fonts ds

I used to be somewhat intimidated by downloadable fonts. Truth be told, I’m not technologically gifted (I’ve yet to figure out how to download songs off the internet) and the thought of installing and/or uploading anything makes me break out in hives.

Much to my delight it’s actually the easiest thing ever. Seriously, it’s so easy that I’ve listed the entire process in a three steps. You’re welcome.

Before starting, find a font to download. I get most of mine off Pinterest (click here for my fonts & topography board).

Step 1: Click download. 

Step 2: Open the downloaded zip file. Right click on the file and click ‘open’. Tip: If there are multiples files choose the one with a tiny “A” image.

Step 3: Click install and it’ll be uploaded to your Word Programs and Photoshop.

That’s it! Now go ahead and download some fancy fonts. Don’t forget to make your Mom a card and be sure to impress all your friends.



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How to be a better listener

Be a better listener picture

Have you ever had a friend come to you really upset about something and felt completely helpless? You really wanted to help but just didn’t know how.

For most of us, knowing what to do in these situations is a bit like navigating uncharted territories. The good news is that most people are just looking to talk to someone who is non-judgmental and genuine. That’s probably what you’re doing already and it’s what makes you a good listener.

The difference is that a better listener makes that same friend feel heard and valued, and how a person feels will have them remembering you were a source of strength in a time of need.

Avoid giving advice

If you’re going to remember only one thing remember this : no one wants to hear advice they haven’t asked for. When you’re in crisis, having someone tell you what to do is really annoying. More than likely, she`ll ask for your advice but don’t jump the gun. People need a chance to vent their feelings before problem-solving.

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Make a Headband using an Old Scarf

 How to make a headband with a scarf

headband 7

I’m officially swooning over turban-style headbands.  They’re just so flipping cute!  If you ask me they’re the perfect way to keep your hair off your face and are a summertime ‘must have’.

Naturally, I wanted to make my very own. After multiple failed DIY attempts I decided it was time to go back to the drawing board. I love the look of the turban headbands but they’re so bulky. I needed something light weight that was still long enough to give me the wraparound look.

So I decided to take an old scarf, cut it down to size, sew it together and then wrap it around my head. The end results? Perfect! And for all my non-sewers out there, you could get away with not touching a sewing machine provided you chose a fabric that doesn’t frey.

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Handmade Black Swarovski Necklace “The Audrey”

Necklace Audrey

Yah for Friday! Anyone else ridiculously happy it’s the weekend? My goal is to pump up my tires and go for a bike ride outside. It’s been six months since I hit the pavement but the roads are clear, the snow has melted, and it’s time.

Today I’m super excited to show you my second Esty piece “The Audrey”. It’s handmade with black swarovski crystals and an 18cm gold chain. As you’ve probably already guessed it’s named after Audrey Hepburn. She’s one of my favourite actresses (honestly who doesn’t love her?). She was beautiful, classy, timeless, and elegant.

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Renewing colour in my closet and in my home

loving colour

When I was a kid I used to wear an obnoxiously bright neon yellow jacket covered in geometric shapes and patterns. I also sported shiny bright red basketball shorts and a hot pink winter trench. Needless to say it was the 90s.

Overtime my closet has become an ode to black, white, and grey. Most of my sweaters and t-shirts are plain, dull, glitter-less pieces that go well with everything but say little about my personality. Even my shoes fall within the spectrum of ‘shades’. Truth is, I just can’t seem to shake my comfort with neutral clothing and I’m left wondering…what’s so scary about colour?

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